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We help you increase the health of churches and organizations to release greater growth potential by providing you with facts for reliable and sound decisions.

NCD Research International is a team of research designers and data miners. We are social scientists who develop research projects for you in accordance with scientific standards and search the NCD database with information on over 65,000 churches and Christian organizations in order to answer your most pressing questions.

Since 1994, NCD Research International has been providing accurate, reliable, and affordable research in the international non-profit sector. From ready-to-use surveys and research consulting to complete original studies, we can help you acquire actionable data.

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Quality and Growth March in Step

NCD establishes a clear, scientifically-verifiable relationship between the quality of church life (its health) and the quantity ...

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65,000 churches and organizations

Our NCD and OQM Survey databases are growing daily.

By January 2010, more than 65,000 NCD Surveys had been conducted by churches.

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