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Case Studies

Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, Chicago, USA
Development of a Spiritual Assessment Survey
Item analysis, reliability test, validity test, normalization

juwi Holding AG, Wörrstadt, Germany (a leading company in the renewable energy sector)
Development of a tailor-made survey-based organizational diagnostic system
Organizational development processes

CoachNet International Ministries, USA (an international coaching, training and consulting ministry for churches and denominations)
Development of a 360˚ assessment for church planters
Development of a 360˚ assessment for coaches
Item analysis, reliability test, validity test, normalization for both 360˚ assessments

Deutsche Malteser gGmbH
Development of a complete organizational diagnostic system
Surveys in many units
Organizational development projects

ProChrist e.V., Kassel, Germany (a European satellite evangelism ministry)
Evaluation of the follow-up in local churches following a satellite evangelism campaign
Design of a questionnaire for evaluation, complete survey of a sample, statistical analysis of survey data, and presentation of results

ChurchSmart Resources, Chicago, USA (a Christian publishing house)
Denominational reports based on NCD survey data for 10 major denominations in the U.S.
Denominational profiles outlining strengths and weaknesses as a foundation for strategic decisions

Christian A. Schwarz, Emmelsbüll, Germany (author, president and founder of NCD International)
Development of all 3 Color surveys in the books by Christian Schwarz (The 3 Colors Of Ministry, The 3 Colors Of Your Spirituality, The 3 Colors Of Love, Color Your World With Natural Church Development etc.)
Item analysis, reliability test, validity test, normalization

Postgraduates from all over the world
Coaching for scientific projects such as theses etc.

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