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Reliable, easy-to-use, extremely helpful information handed to you on a plate that empowers you to find optimum solutions to your most pressing questions and problems.

Cost-effective queries of the NCD and OQM databases with information on over 65,000 churches and Christian organizations. Our experts do the research and analysis for you and provide you with bite-sized, actionable data.

Linking up our existing databases with your questions and research projects.

Customized research projects: We coach you to succeed in your research project or, if you prefer, we design and carry out the project and analyze the data for you. Flexible, scientifically based and at a fixed price.

Take a look at our case studies to get a better idea of what we can do for you.

And don't forget: Besides these larger research projects, are also pleased to answer simple questions where we only have to have a quick look in our database. We help you find answers for instance if you want to know:

What is the most common minimum factor in my country or denomination?

Are there different leadership styles between pastors of large and small churches?

What is the average annual growth rate of our denomination?

What is the average age of pastors in my country or denomination?

What is the distribution of spiritual gifts in my country?


You can ask for frequencies, percentages and other stats for all variables that we have in our database, and combine and/or filter all of them.

Interested in some FREE answers? Without any risk and cost for you, we offer:

A profile of your denomination, showing strengths and weaknesses in eight essential areas (based on all NCD surveys done in your country).

Benchmarks for Christian organizations or ministries: Select one question from our OQM Survey and we will let you know for free how others score in this area.

Make your choice and order your free research report today.

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